Invited Speakers

Dr. Robert Schneider "Utilizing Sport to Promote International Peace"
Dr. Roger Maro Enoka "Functional gains achieved with electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves"
Dr. Antonio Paoli "Molecular bases of resistance training adaptations: from barbell to myosin"
Dr. Nimet Haşıl Korkmaz "Where does physical education and sports go in changing education?"
Dr. Selda Bereket Yucel "HIIT fits for everyone? Physiological and performance adaptation to HIIT"
Dr. Semiyha Tuncel "Professional ethics in sports: Is it rightness or obedience?"
Dr. Hayri Ertan "Decomposition of High Level Sportive Abilities by Using Neuro-Mechanical Methods"
Dr. Ian Jones "Research methods in sport: trends and future possibilities"
Dr. Ahmet Azmi Yetim "Sports Organization and Management in Presidential Government System"
Dr. Suat Karakucuk "Leisure: A Basic Human Right"
Dr. Nadhim Al Wattar "EthicalSelf-objectification in Sport"
Dr. Bilge Donuk "Ethical approaches in sport management and organizations"
Dr. Fevziye Hulya Asci "Positive Psychology in Sport: Flow Experiences"
Dr. Salih Pınar "Fitness training model on the way from healthy living to athletic performance"
Dr. Jørn Wulff Helge "Maximal fat oxidation; Implications for health and performance"
Dr. Sadi Kurdak "Carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes mellitus in exercise"
Dr. Tahir Hazır "Relationship Between Gene and Performance in Elite Athletes: ACTN-3 and ACE Gene Polymorphism"
Dr. Martin Roderick "Professional athletes, sport science and the growing problem of athlete well-being: An examination of the organization of labour in high-level sport"
Dr. Alex J Y Lee "Neuromuscular control and functional performance"
Dr. Gül Baltaci "Sustainable Rehabilitation in Injury Prevention: Upper Extremity"
Dr. Hayri Baran Yosmaoglu "Sustainable Rehabilitation in Injury Prevention: Lower Extremity"
Dr. Derya Ozer Kaya "Sustainable Rehabilitation in Injury Prevention: Spine"
Dr. Ali Erdogan "New Strategies in Injury Prevention: Technology Behind the Science"
Dr. Metin Ergun "Are Prevention Programmes Really Effective?"
Dr. Cengizhan Ozgurbuz "Sensorimotor System Interventions in Injury Prevention"
Dr. Gıyasettin Demirhan "The Culture Created by the Movement and our Future"
Dr. Uwe Pühse "Effects of Physical Activity Interventions on Cognitive and Academic Performance in Children and Adolescents"
Dr. Tomasz Niznikowski "Enhancement of Motor Skill Learning By Different Feedback"
Dr. Seyfi Savaş "Education of Basketball Coaching in Turkey From Past to Present"
Dr. Bihter Akinoglu "Posture Analysis in Athletes: Examination of Postural Differences According to Gender and Sports Branch"
Dr. Tuğba KOCAHAN "Investigation of Sports Injuries According to Gender and Sports Branch"
Dr. Ian Heazlewood "Factor Structure and Performance Changes in the Women’s Heptathlon from 2006 to 2019: Implications and Applications for Heptathlon Training"
Dr. İbrahim Yıldıran "Reflections from Selim Sırrı Tarcan"
Dr. Ömer Şener "Mysteries of Physical Education Teaching"
Dr. Temuçin Faik Ertan "Youth and Sports Policies in Atatürk Period"